Annual Reports

CRCMining Annual Report: 2014-15

For the mining industry and CRCMining, the 2014/2015 fiscal was another challenging year. As we transitioned out of the CRC program and emerged as an independent, fully industry-funded organisation, our first year wasn’t without its trials and tribulations. However, while some elements of our operating model changed, it did not impact our continuing focus on the delivery of innovative technology for our members and the mining industry. Prof Paul Lever, CEO of CRCMining


CRCMining Annual Report: 2013-2014

This year, 2013-14, brings to an end the Centre’s successful partnership with the Commonwealth CRC program that started in 1991. Twenty-three years later, we are excited and enthusiastic about our new life from July 1, 2014 as a fully industry supported collaborative research centre. Going forward, our vision and its associated ideals and motivations remain essentially the same as they have been for the past 23 years. We continue to strive to contribute to the sustainability of the mining industry by partnering and collaborating with the world’s leading mining companies, original equipment manufacturers and universities to deliver transformational research and innovation. Prof Paul Lever, CEO of CRCMining