DynaCut™ is a new method for cutting very hard rock with compact mining equipment using lower forces than those associated with conventional disc cutting.


Better method for cutting hard rock

The efficiency goal in hard rock mining is to change from batch to continuous production. The batch process is the familiar drill and blast fragmentation system in which rock is fracture by explosive blasts and mechanically removed before the process is repeated.

Technology Overview

A new technology for efficiently excavating hard rock to +250MPa

With relatively low input power, DynaCut™ enables the creation of compact, flexible mining equipment, as part of a continuous, or semi-continuous mining system for hard rock excavation in both surface and underground mining applications.

DynaCut™ combines an undercutting approach (breaking the rock in tension) with high-frequency dynamic motion. The method requires much lower forces than those associated with conventional roller disc cutting and avoids the application of picks which have been shown to be inadequate beyond medium strength rock (+80MPa).

Potential applications for this technology include the development of comparatively small, highly manoeuvrable, continuous excavation machines.


A continuous mining process in hard rock tunnelling can yield up to a 20% increase in advance rates and up to a 20% reduction in costs, with reduced energy use and equipment requirements.

The dynamic rock cutting provides a very smooth opening, reducing the requirement for tertiary work such as scaling and refinishing roadways.

The system disturbs less of the surrounding rock mass compared to drill and blast methods. It provides a cleaner and safer solution producing large chips and little dust.

DynaCut™ provides an opportunity to reduce risk to personnel with a decrease in hazards, as there is less equipment in the operating environment, and a smooth rock profile improves ventilation and vehicle operations.


The outcome of more than 20 years of research, Mining3’s ODC technology was licensed to Joy Global in 2006 and is now branded as DynaCut™.

Joy Global and Mining3 are working together to advance DynaCut™ technology by modelling performance across a range of rock properties to further improve the equipment performance.

Any enquiries regarding the DynaCut™ technology should be directed to Joy Global.