METS Living Labs Initiative

METS Ignited seeks feedback from the pilot METS Living Labs Initiative

METS Ignited is encouraging industry to get involved in a pilot ‘living labs’ initiative aiming to improve the collaboration and commercialisation of mining equipment, technology and services (METS) innovation by helping to identify gaps and opportunities in the ecosystem.

Ric Gros METS Ignited CEO said the METS Living Labs Network is an initiative designed to help fast-track the innovation cycle and is a way to bring industry together to work on challenges in open collaboration.

“METS Ignited has opened up a process in which industry can input into by identifying available supply and future demand for access to virtual, near-real and real mine testing environments and facilities,” said Mr Gros.

“Through the identification process this initiative should draw out some of the challenges miners are facing and put us in a better position to matching supply and demand of test facilities.

“The METS Living Labs will create an environment in which innovators can trial and demonstrate value-add of solutions to miners. Miners are reluctant to introduce innovations without proof that the concept will work and this initiative de-risks it for them.

“This is designed to bring suppliers and customers and turn innovative solutions into commercially viable outcomes.

“The METS Living Labs Network will create a system of clusters and collaborative relationships, with a critical aspect being access to virtual, near-real and real testing facilities and sites.

“It will also begin to develop a network of solutions-focussed METS companies to help solve problems.

“Australians are recognised as generators of great ideas, technologies and innovative solutions across a range of industries, and we are world-leading in some areas of mining innovation.

“Success of the Australian mining innovation ecosystem depends on accelerating the rates at which organisations identify key problems and then develop and commercialise solutions for customers.

METS Ignited is working towards establishing early stage living lab nodes through identifying organisations to collaborate with.
‘We are also seeking feedback from industry on the initiative scope and their interest in participating.

“This feedback will be used to shape the focus of the initiative and help to identify gaps in suitable test facilities, current demand for the type of facilities, and also to identify future needs.

“In our engagement with the mining innovation ecosystem as part of our consultation process to prepare the draft Sector Competitiveness Plan, stakeholders identified that a lack of collaboration and ability to accelerate commercialisation was a barrier to the sector’s global competitiveness.

“Collaborative initiatives such as the METS Living Labs Network looks to address this by encouraging industry-led research and is a step in the right direction for step change in the sector,” said Mr Gros.

Industry is invited to contribute to this initiative by providing feedback by 28 October 2016.

It is anticipated that approximately by the end of November analysis of all the feedback from industry will commence.

To register your interest in the METS Living Labs Network visit


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