New Mining3 Chief Technology Officer

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Dr Antonio Nieto.

As CTO, Antonio will be responsible for ensuring Mining3 continues to produce high-quality research which delivers effective outcomes for our members and the mining industry.

Dr Nieto was the Founding Director of MineralsTech based in Pennsylvania, USA and previously an Associate Professor – Minerals Engineering at Penn State University. His main research focuses have been on mining operations and information technology, specifically in the areas of ore spatial characterisation and real-time sensing systems. Dr Nieto continues to work on rare earth mineral economics, earth systems information technology, and innovative engineering technologies for deep-sea mining of hydrates.

Dr Nieto will be based in Brisbane, Australia and will head up the various research teams within Mining3. He will also focus on growing the relationships with members and partners. Antonio brings a wealth of industry and academic experience and we welcome him to the Mining3 team. He will take up his new role in early January 2018.