Mining evolution

AMC Consultants Principle Peter McCarthy shares his view on the evolution of the mining industry – from 2oth century large-scale mining toward a low-impact, data-driven future in selective underground mining. What’s your take on the evolution of mining around the globe – where has the industry come from and where is it going? Last century, […]

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Breakthrough in underground mining

Mining3, the leader in mining research, is behind the development of a commercialised Cave Tracker system. The partnership between Newcrest, Rio Tinto, CRCMining and technology developer and manufacturer Elexon Mining, has enabled its creation.  The testing was undertaken at Newcrest’s Ridgeway copper mine  in NSW and Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine in WA. The cave monitoring system will measure the movement of fragmented […]

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Detecting top of coal

Better detection of the top of coal seam prior to blasting Accurately detecting the approaching top of a coal seam prior to blasting is fundamental to efficient coal recovery.  Previous investigations by member mining companies reported a reduction in coal dilution through disciplined and detailed overburden drilling and blasting practices. With support from the Australian […]

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