Professor David Mee is Head of the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering at The University of Queensland (UQ) in Australia.

David has a strong research record in the field of hypersonic aerothermodynamics. He is recognised worldwide for his work on rapid response force balances, which are essential technology for categorising the performance of scramjet engines in transient facilities, such as our shock tubes.

He has pioneered the use of stress wave force balances for measurement of multiple components of force on scramjet-powered vehicles and the techniques are in use around the world.

David is a member of UQ’s Centre for Hypersonics, an international centre of excellence in the field of hypersonic aerodynamics. His research contributed to the development of the world’s first flight test of supersonic combustion, the process used in scramjets. Scramjets are air-breathing supersonic combustion ramjet engines that have the potential to significantly reduce the cost of access to space. This achievement puts Australia at the forefront of scramjet technology.


PhD, BE (Mech), The University of Queensland