Antonio Nieto was appointed the CTO of Mining3 in January 2018.

Skills and experience:

Antonio is a mining engineer with extensive academic and research experience in mineral economics, ore reserve estimation, mine design, and mine systems optimisation.

He has worked on projects that include real-time, geo-tagged telematics in mining, developed digital-analytic algorithms for mine planning and cut-off grade optimisation. His work includes the assessment of a new-generation of underground mining equipment and he has developed economic models for the supply-risk of strategic minerals.

Antonio has held several positions within the mining industry, from mine foreman, mine superintendent, mine manager, and director of operations. Before joining Mining3, he was VP of Engineering at Laureate Universities, and previously an Associate professor at the Energy and Minerals Engineering Department at Penn State University.


Antonio has a PhD in Earth Systems Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, MS in Geostatistics from Ecole Des Mines de Paris, MS in Mining Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, and a BS in Mining Engineering from the University of Guanajuato.

He is a Qualified Professional (QP) for Minerals Engineering and Ore Reserves by the Minerals Society of America

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Dr Antonio Nieto