Dr Ray Wedmaier is a mining engineer with over 35 years working experience in the mining industry. He has had direct involvement in mine operating, technical and corporate roles as well as worked with industry partners as consultant, supplier and mining researchers.

Skills and experience:

Ray is currently acting as Chief Operating Officer while continuing his Program Director role at Mining3. He is supporting key operational procedures and leads research in the areas of automation and sustainability.

Ray has held a number of leadership roles across the mining industry. He has supervised teams in finance, technical and operations capacities, lead multi-disciplinary study teams on international joint venture projects and has a demonstrated capability for influencing projects and strategies. Ray has a passion for the value that resource professionals can deliver and has coached and mentored senior and principal level practitioners in the mining industry.

He worked for Rio Tinto for 15 years in roles ranging from business analyst, mining advisor, project management and evaluation, operations support and business transformation and has held senior technical roles working in several mid-tier underground mining operations in Tasmania.

Ray has multi-commodity experience, open cut and underground technical and operating experience in both major as well as mid-tier mining organisations. He has a developed business acumen, complimented by a strong technical background, that allows him to readily identify valuable opportunities.


Ray holds a Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineer and a Doctorate in Blast Fragmentation research obtained at the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) at the University of Queensland. Ray also holds a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment obtained through the Securities Institute of Australia (now FINSIA).

Ray gained a Doctorate in Blast Fragmentation research at the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) while working on AMIRA Advanced Blasting Technology Projects P93D, E and F. Following graduation, he worked as a Research Fellow on an ACARP research project on the Assessment and Control of Coal Damage and Loss. The project won an award for excellence in open cut mining research. Following successful completion of this project, Ray was awarded two ACARP projects on throw blasting and application of dozer technology to open cut coal mines.

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