Charlotte Sennersten is an expert in 3D systems and has been working with 3D mine virtualisation and levels of UAV autonomy via cognitive architectures.

Skills and experience:

Charlotte is assigned to Mining3 from CSIRO Data61. Her work with the mining block model approach together with her former experience in 3D simulation and visualisation have resulted in the development of a data management platform for 3D indexation called VoxelNet. This system supports sensor data referencing, virtualisation and visualisation.

VoxelNet is 3D global agent-based system subdivided into hierarchical geolocated voxels. They can interchange and share data and information with one another. The voxels have an individual ID and can be queried. Their hierarchical organisation allows volumetric data to be scaled down to a molecular –as well as up to a universal level to support location of measurements and derived volumetric analytics.

Ongoing work aims to develop a full internet implementation of the VoxelNet that can support shared data sets and virtual worlds. Also, it is optimally everyone’s editor with analytics running in support of optimised operations across the value chain.


Masters degree in Cognitive Science and a PhD in Computer Science


Dr Charlotte Sennersten