Dave Robinson spearheads the WA branch of Mining3 with expertise in hydrometallurgy, solution chemistry and processing.

Skills and experience:

David has nearly 30 years industry, research and management experience in base and precious metals hydrometallurgy in areas as diverse as mineral characterisation, geometallurgy and rheology, atmospheric and pressure leaching, solvent extraction and acid as well as bio-heap leaching. He has over 70 scientific publications and has held several patents for refining and separation of platinum group metals.

Dave has led major industry flow sheet development projects and significant research efforts. These include a focus on nickel laterite processing technology development and low-grade copper sulphide processing options. In addition, key technologies such as solvent extraction and electro-winning have been the focus of his R&D interests. He has also spent a considerable part of his career bridging the gap between industry needs and research establishment capabilities.

Dave’s most recent position was as Group Leader: Base and Precious Metals Processing, CSIRO Mineral Resources flagship and prior to joining CSIRO and Mining3 he spent 18 years working with Anglo Platinum and Anglo American in South Africa working on numerous operations including base and precious metal refineries.


  • Bachelor of Science (Hons), Sheffield University (UK)
  • Master of Science at the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)
  • PhD at the University of South Africa
  • MBA at the University of Cape Town (South Africa)

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David Robinson