Dihon Tadic has been working with Mining3 since 2000 and has led the Hard Rock and Surface Mining research program from 2012 to 2016.

Skills and experience:

Dihon now pilots a core body of applied research encompassing step-change initiatives towards continuous mechanical excavation systems and associated mine design, novel drilling technologies, rock mass characterisation systems, and sensing technologies for material detection and discrimination.

Dihon has played a key role in designing and developing novel drilling and rock breakage technologies.  These include blast hole drilling and automation tools, measurement-while-drilling technology, and water jet drilling and rock breaking systems for application in coal and hard rock mining.

Another primary research interest – and emerging focus area for Mining3 – is the development of technologies enabling material sorting and ore upgrading.  This applied research is a component of Mining3’s collaboration with CRC ORE, ultimately aiming to demonstrate integrated large-scale Grade Engineering technologies delivering significant upside to mining profitability.


Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Mining Engineering from the University of Queensland.