Dr Craig Lindley is the Mining3 Technology Leader for Digital Mining.

His work focuses on the development of Mining Industry 4.0 concepts and technical solutions, including architectures, reference models and standards for ICT platforms, and specific targeted value-adding applications. A particular interest in application concepts is the integration of new methods of resource, rock mass and operations modelling with analytics, situation monitoring, dynamic re-valuation, and optimised dynamic planning and scheduling.

Skills and experience:

His recent roles at CSIRO have included manager of the $50 million Data61 ICT laboratory in Hobart from 2012-2016, Research Director for Intelligent Sensing and Systems, Group Leader for Cognitive Systems, and Team Leader for Cognitive Informatics. He has also been the Project Manager for several R&D projects including the Mine Informatics research project that applied data mining and machine learning to mine and mineral analytics, operations and process optimisation, and using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for underground surveying and inspection.

Craig has previously been a Professor and Research Leader at universities in Sweden, working with artificial intelligence in interactive 3D visualisation and simulation, human-machine interaction, and robotics; he has been a principal investigator in six European Union ICT projects in these areas. After initially working in military aerospace software development, he held senior research positions in Australia (CSIRO), Belgium (STARLAB NV/SA) and Sweden (The Interactive Institute, University of Uppsala and Blekinge Institute Technology). He has led numerous collaborative research projects in applied artificial intelligence with industrial partners including Adacel, CRAA, ISSC, Fuji/Xerox, The Preston Group, Computer Power Group, RTA, Fujitsu, Bureau of Meteorology/Fujitsu, ATO, DEET, BHP, AMP, Tech Control, and ADI.


Ba(Hons), GradDipAppComp, GradDipInfTech, DipMolecularSci (Chemistry), MAppSc (Comp. Sci.), PhD (Computer Science and Engineering)

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Dr Craig Lindley