Edward Prochon is an Electrical Engineer and Research Project Leader at Mining3.

Edward leads research projects involving high tech drilling technologies for coal seam drilling, through the earth communications, and coal seam gas flow analysis using Distributed Temperature Sensing.

Edward leads an Advanced Logging Tool project. The aim of this project is to develop a Measurement Whilst Drilling (MWD) tool and geological survey tools for the Underground In-Seam (UIS) drilling industry.

These tools will improve a coal mining company’s ability to achieve sustained higher productivity.  Unplanned longwall delays will be reduced by mapping roof, floor and dykes, and achieve more reliable pre-mining drainage by drilling straighter holes.

Edward presented an overview of Advanced Logging Tool project at the combined ACARP and Bowen Basin Geologist Group meeting at Central Queensland University in 2014 and Longwall conference in the Hunter Valley in October 2015.