Erik Isokangas provides expertise in mining process analysis, design, and the implementation of new technologies for current and future mining systems.

Skills and experience:

Erik joined Mining3 in March 2017 as a Technology Leader . He provides research capability in the fields of mine process modelling, complex simulation, integrated mine process design and implementation, and future mining systems. 

He previously worked for Metso, a global equipment supplier to the mining industry, most recently as the Director of In-pit Solutions. In this role, he developed a new solution-oriented business around IPCC (in-pit crushing and conveying) systems; developed IPCC concept plans and pre-feasibility studies for customers and technology roadmaps. Prior to this role, he led a consulting team in Metso, Finland, focused on process integration and optimisation (mine-to-mill) studies for mines in Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa.

Erik has also worked for Thiess, a major mining contractor, managing and developing several new technologies to support mining operations, including equipment productivity monitoring systems, complex modelling and simulation solutions, benchmarking, leading-edge survey technologies, and data visualisation.


Erik holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering (Computer Systems) and a Doctorate in Mineral Processing from the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) at the University of Queensland. He is also a member of the AusIMM.

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Dr Erik Isokangas