Dr Italo Onederra has over 20 years of experience in the field of explosives engineering, blast design and analysis, performance monitoring and process optimisation.

Skills and experience:

Italo leads Mining3 projects focused on the development and implementation of advanced blast engineering technologies to enhance mining productivity. The current research focus is on novel explosive formulations, advanced sensors and monitoring techniques to quantify performance as well as modelling for blast design, analysis and continuous improvement.

His experience spans across applied R&D and expert consulting in projects involving several mining operations and associated clients in Australia, South America, Africa and Europe.

Italo was part of the team that developed JKSimBlast, a blast design and analysis software used by industry in over 35 countries and installed at more than 20 Universities around the world.

Over the years he has also developed a number of explosive rock breakage and fragmentation models applicable to both underground and open pit operations. Italo has published extensively in the area of blast design, analysis, monitoring and continuous improvement; and has been part of the Hybrid Stress Blasting Model (HSBM) research and validation team.

Italo is a senior lecturer at The School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering at the University of Queensland (UQ), and also Adjunct/Visiting Professor at the University of Chile.


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) with Honours from the University of Melbourne
  • Masters of Engineering Science and PhD from the University of Queensland.