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Dig by Design – Dig, load and haul cycle optimisation


Rock excavation machinery typically operate well below their potential capacity, significantly impairing the productivity of load and haul mining systems. This is usually a result of improperly matched or inappropriately sized equipment.

Evaluating and sizing digging machines, and selecting suitable bucket and dipper designs for the particular blasted materials, is challenging due to complex interactions between the equipment and materials, dig condition variability and operator effects.


Based on decades of research, extensive experience in the field and consulting with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Mining3 has developed world-leading knowledge quantifying the effects of muck pile characteristics (fragmentation, shape, density, etc.) on the performance of the digging, loading and transportation system.

Our unique understanding and scale testing capabilities to replicate equipment-material interactions, dig conditions, excavation machine characteristics, loading implements and dig strategies allows us to provide insight into equipment size and designs that best suit the current or designed dig conditions; or alternatively to optimise the material conditions to the current loading and haulage fleet.

Services include the assessment of:

  1. Blasting and fragmentation specification
  2. Dig site characterisation
  3. Equipment sizing, selection and matching
  4. Optimal bucket sizing
  5. GET and lip design and selection


Understanding and controlling excavation performance allows improvements to overall material movement efficiency, and significantly increases loading and haulage system productivity.

  • Improve productivity
  • Optimised excavation, loading and haulage
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Minimise overall costs
  • Improved operational control

The knowledge and technology Mining3 has provided to mining companies has often proved critical for mine planning and investment, and delivered significant gains in productivity. The research and analysis has influenced fundamental decision-making for some of the largest mining projects in the world, assisting to avoid costly mistakes, resulting in significant gains and cost savings.


Mining3 provides an ongoing service to mining companies and equipment manufacturers to understand the relationships between site-specific muck pile characteristics and machine performance to maximise value and productivity.


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