V2H – Lateral drilling

Innovative vertical-to-horizontal jetting technologies for enhanced resource recovery.


Until now, a commercially reliable and robust lateral drilling system hasn’t been available although it has been of interest to the coal, oil and gas industry for years. Undoubtedly drilling horizontally, following a rock layer to maximise drainage efficiency, will stimulate reservoirs in ways that cannot be achieved with a vertical well.


The outcome of extensive research and a feat of engineering excellence, V2H has developed the first significant radial drilling technology set to dramatically change the industry.

With proven results, the new technology radically increases production and the recovery of oil and gas in new and existing wells. In addition, it helps decrease capital and operational expenditure, lowers the environmental impact and provides a viable alternative to fracking.

The V2H deployment requires a fraction of the capital of a hydraulic fracture and results in a controlled, directed stimulation with proven production uplift and low risk of the undesirable increase in water production.

The result is a significant increase in permeability, gas flow and area of influence achieved from a single vertical well. All laterals are surveyed and the steering capability allows zonal targeting to ensure comprehensive drainage.

There is no other technology in the world that can reliably perform this process on a commercial basis.

How it Works

The flexible hose enters through an existing vertical well and, once in position, it rapidly drills an extensive pattern of laterals radials using high-pressure water into the various target layers. It can drill in-seam at up to 4m per min to beyond 200m. Over 500m of laterals can be installed in a single shift.

The innovative drilling technology has been engineered with a flexible rotating jet head, is able to turn from vertical to horizontal within the confines of a well bore and strong enough to mill through steel without breaking.  The expertly engineered drill head is steerable, controlled, flexible and robust and reports to the operator in real-time.



  • Hits targets that cannot be reached by vertical drilling
  • Accesses many oil pockets from one entry point
  • Increases the length of the pay zone within the target rock unit
  • Eliminates fluid additives required for drilling
  • Fewer wells needed to produce more gas
  • Smaller footprint with fewer wells required
  • Higher production rates than other techniques
  • An enabler in some geological locations where there is currently no economic means of recovery
  • Less environmental impact


Enquiries can be directed to Mining3’s commercial spin off company, V2H.