26 June | Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Panel Discussion Session

A platform for experts to identify gaps in current sensor technology and highlight future needs

Panelists will discuss the future of mining from the perspective of their specific areas of expertise and the sensor technologies needed to support innovative mining methods. This discussion offers valuable insights for mining companies to understand potential future issues and for sensor companies and research partners to learn how to future-proof their technology for mining applications. Join us as we delve into the sensors of tomorrow and explore the anticipatory steps companies are taking to embrace and shape the future of mining.


Jacqui Coombes

Chair Mining3 board

Dr Jacqui Coombes is the Executive Director of SageAbility, a leading talent strategy organisation. She plays influential roles as the Chair of Mining3, Acting Chair of ICRAR, and is an integral member of Advisory Boards for MADI, StartUpWA, and State of Play. As the former MD & CEO of Amira Global, Jacqui has a distinguished record of leadership and governance.


Alan Bye

Managing Director

Ross McAree

Head of School Mechanical and Mining Engineering
University of Queensland

Rajkumar Mathiravedu

Senior Vice-President
Orica Digital Solutions

Andrew Scott

Lead Principal, Think and Act Differently

TechTalk Presenter Session

Navigate Industry Challenges with Expert Insights

Experts in their own right, our curated roster of dynamic and accomplished speakers brings unique insights, addressing industry challenges facing the mining sector. Learn how leading mining companies are adapting and thriving in the face of market dynamics, regulatory changes, and environmental considerations.

Mohsen Yahyaei

Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC)

Ross McAree

Head of School Mechanical and Mining Engineering
University of Queensland

Pete Stirling

Chief Commercial Officer
Delta g

Syd Littleford

Chief Executive Officer

Douglas Schouten

Chief Technology Officer
Ideon Technologies Inc.

Paul Hodkiewicz

Consultant, Advisor, Mentor
Samarah Solutions

Dylan Whiteman

Technology Leader

Greg Roach


Pauline Pounds

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UQ

Stefan Dunlop

Ausroad Plant Services

Michael Halhead

Independent Consultant
Wild Systems

Derick Moolman

Chief Executive Officer
Stone Three

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