Knowledge and expertise in Sensor Technology

Over three decades, Mining3 has strengthened our expertise in developing sensor solutions specifically designed for the mining industry. By collaborating with members and partners, we’ve gained a deep understanding of the challenging mining environment and its unique needs. We know the complex systems of mining and the important role sensors play in achieving a safer, more productive and sustainable mining operation. 

Safety first

Sensors can detect hazardous conditions like ground instability, gas leaks, and equipment malfunctions. They trigger warnings and enable preventative measures to keep workers on the ground safe.

Boost productivity

Sensors optimise equipment performance, track material flow, and automate processes, leading to significant increases in efficiency and production output.

Sustainable operations

Sensors enable real-time monitoring of air and water quality, methane emissions, and dust levels. This allows for productive environmental management and ensures compliance with regulations.

Commercialised technologies with significant impact

Sensor Solutions

Mining3 has an overarching focus on shortening the innovation cycle to deliver benefits to the mining industry. We work with industry to identify their challenges to develop the right solution. Some our our spinoff companies and patented technologies are showcased below. 

Developing next-generation sensors

Sensor Projects

Mining3 is working on numerous projects, predominately in extraction, addressing current and future mining challenges. We undertake both fundamental and applied research to provide robust and fast tracked solutions to identified problems. Our projects are at varying levels of technical readiness.

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