ABC radio interview with Paul Lever and Ewan Sellers

Radio interview with David Claughton, ABC Rural with Prof. Paul Lever and Dr Ewan Sellers

Report by David Claughton, ABC Rural. Gunders says the mining industry has a bad name in innovation saying it takes miners 15 years to adopt new thinkers. Claughton reports huge research funding is being granted to learn about different kinds of minerals and ideas developed in conventional terrestrial mining. Claughton talks to Prof Paul Lever from Australian research company, Mining3, who says mining is a traditional industry that invests a huge amount of money in ideas. Lever notes changing those ideas would be really expensive. Lever says the industry is also a complex, dynamic environment which means every change has a risk associated with it. Claughton then speaks to Steve Burgess from Centennial Coal who shares they currently have a project of connecting mine sites together for the purpose of data mining and process control. Burgess mentions it is a collaboration between operational tech teams, IT teams, Telstra, and all systems to deliver a more connected environment in the industry. Claughton also speaks to Ewan Sellers from the CSIRO who foresees new rare minerals will be seen in the future. Sellers also believes miners will see what is happening in space and under the sea.

Listen to the full interview here.