Ecosystem and insights

Accelerate opportunities in the resource sector

Creating pathways for innovation

We understand how challenging it can be for SME’s to break into the resource sector. Without the right industry knowledge, it can be even harder. Mining3 Chile excels in developing business case and implementing cost-effective, innovative solutions for the mining industry, specialising in sustainable strategies tailored to complex challenges. 

With a track record of successful collaborations and expertise in funding application management, we can support you to overcome the barriers to entre into the mining sectory.

Insights and ecosystem expertise

Our team of experienced mining, electrical, and mechatronics technology specialists can offer support for SME’s to access our vast ecosystem of resource companies, OEM’s and research partners. 

With over 30-years of industry insights, we have acquired the knowledge to support your organisation to overcome the barriers to entry into the resource sector for innovative new products, processes or services. 

When you work with us, we will tailor your solutions through our expertise in the following:


Industry-led knowledge

Our team have expertise in advanced mining and mineral processing, sensor development, electromagnetics and communications, robitics, chemestry, simulation and modelling, data analytics and signal processing, AI, battery & hydrogen technolgoies, and ESG in mining

IP management

Having successfully commercialised 15 major products, 8 spin-off companies, 111 patents, and executed 300+ research projects, we can share our expertise in IP management and commercialisation to support you through this process.

Investment opportunities

We can guide SME's through the funding application process based on our global experience in securing financial support.

Our process

Initial review

Provide evaluations on the applicability, patent landscape and market opportunities.

Funding landscape

Guide SME's through the funding landscape, connecting with potential investors.

Business Case

Help SME's develop a comprehensive business case, identifying value propositions, competitive landscapes, and technology impacts across the mining value chain.

Demonstation support

Provide infrastructure for off-site technology testing, develop test protocols, and independently validate technology performance.

Industry network

Connect SME's with Mining3's vast network to facilitate collaborations and technology adoption via demo-days, exhibitions and technology showcases.

Case study


During 2018-19, a conceptual study was developed to evaluate the business case for a H2 mining truck solution. Read more about the project below:

How can Mining3 help you?