The age of innovators – Sandeep Biswas, MD & CEO, Newcrest

Sandeep Biswas addressed the Melbourne Mining Club luncheon on the Thursday, 9th February 2017:

“Let’s be clear about our context. Our operating conditions are getting tougher. As we exhaust the more commercially attractive ore bodies, we are going to have to dig deep to convert previously commercially unviable ore bodies into profitable operations. Innovation will have to be front and centre for all of us. Australia’s contribution to the modern world of mining has been immense. Many of the innovations in the global industry originated here, as I’ll show you later. But the technology and processes of the past won’t be enough. We will need more breakthroughs, and we will need them faster. So we have to raise our level of ambition – not only as independent enterprises – but collectively as an industry. And we will have to build an innovator’s mindset.” Read more.