Blast from the Past: Looking back at our research in Alternative Explosives

If you’ve been following our short video series on the Alternative Explosives Project, you would know the extensive research that has been developed since 2012. In this episode, we dig a little deeper into the history of our blasting research in hydrogen peroxide-based explosives.

The History:

Late Spring of 2018, gifted us with an ideal ambient temperature of approximately 25 degrees celsius. It was during this time that we witnessed a historic milestone – the world’s very first mining operation blast that set new records for success. However, the success didn’t come without its challenges. The hydrogel formulation we used in this blast demonstration fell short, failing to meet the stringent UN testing series 3(c) standards. But here’s the exciting news: We’ve evolved, learned, and innovated. Our latest emulsion explosives technology has not only overcome this hurdle but has raised the bar for performance and safety.

Watch the video below to find out more: 

The Future:

Mining3 are also currently organising our next mining demonstration blast, which will aim to demonstrate the manufacture and delivery of Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)/ oil-based emulsion-style explosives, using a specialised Mobile Processing Unit (MPU) and evaluate blast performance in surface mine-site operations with increasing scales of production. This project progresses the research plan for H2O2-based explosives from confirmation of first viable formulations, meeting sleep-time and detonation performance, towards implementation and adoption. This will be achieved by focussing on the manufacture and delivery procedures to meet mine-site operational requirements with a central focus on safety.

Please contact Dr Andrew Kettle for more information or enquire via our Info Box.

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