CORFO Launches Initiative to Promote Hydrogen Adoption in Chilean Industry

Valparaíso, Chile — CORFO has officially inaugurated the “Technological Program for the Use and Adoption of Hydrogen in the Chilean Industry” (PTEC 2023), a key element of the Chilean Government’s strategy to promote and incentivise the national deployment of the green hydrogen industry.

This initiative is part of CORFO’s broader plan to advance the adoption of green hydrogen across the country. In 2023, CORFO awarded five Technological Projects aligned with this goal, each aimed at enhancing the use of hydrogen in various sectors of the Chilean industry. This announcement also marked the launch of the 2024 call for proposals, supported by the Sustainable Development Program of the Ministry of Economy, which introduced new lines of promotion and support for the local green hydrogen industry.

Vice President of CORFO, José Miguel Benavente highlighted that the productive sector associated with hydrogen offers numerous activities and processes functional to achieving carbon neutrality that, “create opportunities in employment and economic growth not only for companies but also for the well-being of people by allowing us to use a cleaner energy source.” He added, “We do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past of not taking advantage of natural resources to generate productive chains, industrial fabric, and local value creation.”

Mining3, in collaboration with Ingeniería en Eficiencia Energética” (IEE), is pleased to announce the award of 3.45MMUSD fund from CORFO, with additional industry contributions bringing the total value of the Hidrohaul Technological Program to approximately 6.15MMUSD.

Hidrohaul is an ambitious four-year project, focused on developing and implementing innovative hydrogen fuel cell solutions for the logistics industry. The project’s primary goal is to demonstrate the technical and economic viability of green hydrogen (H2V) in key logistics applications.

Projects include:

  • Long-Haul Trucks: Developing hydrogen-powered trucks for long-distance transportation.
  • Last-Mile Transport: Implementing hydrogen fuel cell technology in urban delivery vehicles.
  • Yard Trucks: Innovating hydrogen solutions for yard operations.
  • Refrigerated Trailers: Creating hydrogen fuel cell – powered refrigerated trailers for the logistics sector.

In addition to these projects, Hidrohaul will feature several enabling initiatives designed to support and advance project objectives. This includes the establishment of a hydrogen refuelling station to meet operational needs, the creation of a specialised maintenance centre for hydrogen fuel cell vehicle applications, and the development of a comprehensive technological transfer program aimed at enhancing and expanding technical knowledge of hydrogen technologies in Chile.

The Hidrohaul project has gathered strong support from leading partners, including Walmart Chile, a global leader in sustainability known for its novel green hydrogen initiative at the Quilicura Distribution Center. Marval, a forward-thinking logistics company dedicated to delivering zero-carbon solutions, also plays a critical role in this endeavour.

Dr Neville Plint, Chief Executive Officer at Mining3 stated, “We are pleased to contribute to the growth of the green hydrogen sector with the Hidrohaul project. This initiative builds on our previous accomplishments and represents a major advancement in our commitment to developing hydrogen technologies. By overcoming essential challenges in the logistics sector, we are setting the stage for a greener mining industry and a sustainable future for all.”

Through Hidrohaul, Mining3 and IEE aim to advance the development of hydrogen technologies and create pathways to a more sustainable future in the logistics sector, and beyond. This initiative builds on Mining3’s commitment to developing green technologies and supporting the transition to a low-carbon mining sector, as demonstrated by the recent Hydra project. The lessons learned from Hydra will inform and enhance the execution of Hidrohaul, ensuring the project addresses key challenges and highlights the opportunities for implementation in mining applications. By advancing hydrogen technology in logistics, Mining3 is not only contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable logistics sector but also laying the groundwork for a greener mining industry where hydrogen can serve as a viable and sustainable alternative.


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