Detecting tramp metal

Tramp metal in mined material can have a catastrophic effect on mining crushers, causing significant damage and major downtime. In particular, as mines look to process older stockpiles, the probability of encountering tramp metal, in the form of scrap items, used machinery components and GET (ground engaging tools) increases.

Mining3 is developing a new technology to identify tramp metal in payloads in real-time. It incorporates a unique detector embedded in the bucket of digging and loading machines. The detector alerts an operator who can then manage the payload accordingly (object extraction or load diversion) to prevent the tramp metal entering the crushing circuit.

Following site testing in Western Australia and South Africa, the Mining3 team is currently preparing a prototype unit to be deployed to South Africa for extended mine trials.  A subsequent and more advanced prototype will then be assembled for a second deployment program, which will include an installation at an iron ore mine in South America.

The team continues to work through progressive system improvements with key industry partners. The focus is on accelerating pre-commercial development through site implementation and testing to gain invaluable insight into the performance of the detector in operating environments.