Mining3 Announces New CEO

Dr Neville Plint will be appointed to CEO of Mining3 on 1 December 2023. Dr. Plint’s extensive experience across our industry, his leadership in collaborative Research and Development, and his work in developing new technologies in the mining sector have been instrumental in establishing a global network of industry and research professionals.



Mining3 Board Chair, Dr Jacqui Coombes said “As the Chair and on behalf of the entire Board, we are thrilled to welcome Dr Neville Plint as the new CEO of Mining3. Dr. Plint’s leadership heralds a pivotal era, solidifying Mining3’s role as a prominent platform for collaborative engagement in the mining sector. His extensive experience is crucial for propelling the translation of R&D, technology, and innovation into effective industry applications. Working alongside our diverse ecosystem of stakeholders, we are confident that under Dr. Plint’s direction, Mining3 will decisively transcend its objectives and goals, setting new benchmarks in sustainable and advanced mining practices.”

On his appointment, Neville said “I am excited to be leading an organisation that is currently in a very unique position in industry. I also look forward to the collaborative opportunities we can facilitate between stakeholders across the mining industry to achieve the best outcomes for mining technology applications. The diverse team at Mining3 offer something quite special to the industry, and I can’t wait to delve into and explore our potential together”.

Dr Neville Plint has a global reputation in the mining sector and has broad demonstrated experience in the mining and resource industry. His career has focused on delivering improved operational performance on mining sites by developing and implementing new technologies, whilst establishing a global network of research professionals, mining companies and research organisations. Neville has extensive leadership experience and a deep understanding of the mining sector.

Dr. Plint was the Institute Director, Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI), at The University of Queensland. Whilst at Anglo American, Neville held multiple leadership roles including Chief Scientist, Head of Business Improvement Projects, and Head of Research and Development. Dr. Plint also held positions as Board member and Director of Mining3; managing Director of JKTech Pty Ltd, and a member of UQ’s University Senior Management Group (USMG).

About Mining3

Mining3 is a world-leading research and technology organisation, with 30 years of delivering industry-changing value. We bring together the best thinking of mining companies, researchers and OEMs to deliver great value for the industry. In partnership with our members, we rapidly deploy world-class innovations to transform mining.
Our world-class researchers and engineers develop tangible solutions to industry-identified challenges using both fundamental and applied research while leveraging our extensive history and acquired knowledge. Together we deliver tactical, strategic and visionary projects to make mines safer, more productive, more sustainable and carbon neutral.
Mining3 welcomes new members and partners in together transforming mining worldwide.