Mining3 announces OZ Minerals membership

Mining3 is very pleased to announce that OZ Minerals has recently become a Mining3 member, augmenting our strong membership base with another high-performing global mining company.

Mining3 Chief Executive Officer, Professor Paul Lever, said he is delighted to have OZ Minerals—one of Australia’s largest copper producers—on board.

“With high-quality assets across the globe; excellent safety, production and business credentials; and a growth strategy focused on creating value for all stakeholders, OZ Minerals will make a valuable contribution to Mining3’s industry-led research and technology transfer.

“By becoming a Mining3 member, OZ Minerals will join with our other industry members to collaboratively identify key industry challenges and decide on and direct research areas that deliver the highest return,” Prof Lever said.

Mining companies are facing enormous social and financial pressure. The industry must find ways to reduce environmental impacts and energy consumption, continually improve safety, lead the implementation of automation and other new technologies, and adapt to the evolving needs of a new generation workforce. All while increasing productivity and operating in a volatile market.

With decreasing ore grades and ore bodies becoming progressively deeper and more difficult to access, the sector is calling out for innovation to sustainably meet demand for minerals.

For 27 years, from our headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, Mining3 has had a strong presence and a history of industry-led, world-class research and innovation.

Through member-led direction, our researchers and engineers develop solutions to industry-identified challenges using fundamental and applied research, and our extensive knowledge and experience.

Through this, Mining3 understands that effective collaboration is by far the most powerful instrument of innovation.

“We welcome OZ Minerals as a mining company member to further strengthen our research and innovation capability,” Prof Lever said.

Mining3 membership is open to mining companies, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), mining equipment and technology services (METS), and universities—and enables them to be an intrinsic and influential part of an active cohort of members working to resolve the mining industry’s biggest challenges.

Membership enquiries are welcome and can be directed to

For information about OZ Minerals, visit