Mining3 Canada in talks with local industry members

Mining3 Canada is in early discussions with a number of organisations including Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC) and Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), where Mining3 hopes to build lasting relationships and project opportunities, further improving and supporting our members and our understanding of the Canadian mining industry.

As a branch of Mining3, our Canadian operations will support our Australian headquarters, focusing on our three pillar delivery of Lean Minerals Production, In-Place Mining and Sustainability through Technology. Identifying key industry insights and demands, our Canadian branch will look toward supporting our existing members in the Region, as well as engaging with local non-member mining companies, Universities and Government for meaningful collaborations.

Current members of Mining3 with offices across the Americas have welcomed the local branch and are working with Mining3 to identify geo specific concerns that require innovative solutions. Through the work exchange opportunities offered with our Australian office, Mining3 Canada researchers have not only familiarised themselves with ongoing projects that can be adapted to fit Canadian requirements, but have also been exposed to the unique operating processes that fast tracks valuable and innovative ideas to commercialisation.

Our unique experience within the mining industry makes Mining3 an ideal candidate for small- and mid-tier mining companies and OEMs looking to outsource research and development dollars, while the high calibre of research and decades of experience paves the way for larger more diverse partnerships.

Recently, a Canadian Federal grant for ‘Mechanical cutting value modelling’ was submitted to support the research and development associated with calculating risk, quantifying a business case, and revealing value for specific operations as well as quantifying trade-offs relative to energy, mechanical cutting, hauling, D&B, mining method, sequencing, infrastructure and more. Mining3 Canada has also produced a number of whitepaper proposals for additional work surrounding our mechanical cutting projects and have begun engaging potential collaborators in the industry for an In Line mining initiative and local pilot.

With the industry know-how provided by Peter Kondos, and the dedicated oversight and business development of Managing Director Susan Grandone, the Mining3 Canada branch aims to become an innovation hub that not only supports our Australian research, but identifies and creates new projects with local Mining companies and OEMs.

If you’re interested in working with Mining3 Canada, or would like to know more contact us here.