Mining3 launches an online sensor technology capability toolkit

Today, Mining3 launches an online sensor technology capability tool providing users with unbiased information on Proximity Detection System sensors to assist in their decision making process.

The PDS Toolkit is part of the Mining3 ACARP funded project titled “PDS Validation Framework – Phase 3”.  The easy-to-use interface provides a high-level summary of the six most prevalent Proximity Detection System (PDS) sensors available to the market.

This information has been extracted from the PDS Sensor Capability Assessment document developed by the PDS Project Team comprised of Mining3, University of Pretoria and The University of Queensland.  The document in its entirety will also be published and made available to industry shortly.

Mining3 Chief Operating Officer Susan Grandone said, “The purpose of this toolkit is to provide a fundamental understanding of how various sensors operate, both individually and in combination. This in turn, will aid in a user’s decision making process by providing unbiased information and data on each sensor.”

As well as providing individual sensor information, the Toolkit contains a spider attribute chart that enables users to easily toggle between the sensors, identifying strengths and weaknesses for a specific application or attribute. A searchable scoring system with the ability to filter is also available in a table format underneath.

Finally, sensor technology usage in the PDS/CAS industry and references used in compiling the assessment document and developing the Toolkit are also provided.

Free access to the PDS Toolkit is available to the industry, however users will need to register as a method of accepting the usage Disclaimer.

Click here to access the PDS Toolkit.

Further information regarding the toolkit can be provided by emailing

The attribute chart enables users to easily toggle between sensors.