New Venture in Fibre Optics

Mining3 is excited to introduce a groundbreaking project proposal focused on Ore Pass Monitoring. We’re actively seeking collaboration from forward-thinking industry partners to bring this vision to life. 

Project Aims:

The project’s core aims to leverage fibre-optic sensor technology to monitor ore pass blockages, a significant advancement in mine safety. The proposed method involves using a fibre-optic cable grouted into a borehole adjacent to an ore pass. This setup will detect rock movement throughout the ore pass, helping identify potential issues before they escalate.  

Our Expertise:

What sets Mining3 apart in this venture? Our rich history with fibre-optic technology and our unwavering commitment to mine safety. We envision broadening the technology’s scope, particularly targeting the inherent risks associated with ore pass operations. Our team has seen notable successes in the past, with projects spanning acoustic, strain, and thermal sensing. One highlight is our partnership with the AVA Group/ Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) on Conveyer Health Monitoring for Wear Detection. This project not only garnered multiple innovation awards but also transformed into a market-ready product, showcasing our team’s ability to turn ideas into tangible solutions.  

Further exemplifying our expertise, Senior Research Engineer David John and Edward Prochon recently presented at an exclusive Mining3 webinar titled “Fibre Optics: Applications in Mining.” David delved into the multifaceted applications of Fibre Optic Sensing (FOS), emphasizing its pivotal role in the present and its transformative potential for the future. Their insights underscored the technology’s capabilities and its profound impact on mine safety, management, and overall efficiency. 

For those interested in exploring the Ore Pass Monitoring proposal or eager to collaborate, we encourage reaching out to David John. With shared expertise and vision, we can deliver innovations that shape the mining industry’s future.


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