Take Control of Fatigue: Free employee handbook

Open dialogue about fatigue risk is just one piece of the risk management puzzle; education is another.

Working whilst our bodies are biologically wired to be sleeping can wreak havoc on our fatigue levels, leaving us prone to excessive tiredness, poor decision making, reduced coordination and slowed reaction times. Fatigue can also negatively affect our moods, cause stress, tension and leave us feeling less tolerant of everyday situations, which can create big problems – especially for teams and, in positions where responsiveness and safety are important.

However, once we understand how our decisions impact the quality and quantity of our sleep, we can begin to make positive changes.

This Employee Fatigue Handbook by Caterpillar Safety Services provides specific, actionable ideas for sleep management and improvement; designed and written specifically for shift-work and fly-in-fly-out employees who operate on rosters, in physically demanding locations, travel extensively to-from work and undertake strenuous activities.
Download the Employee Fatigue Handbook for your operators who may benefit from additional sleep management support and fatigue mitigation education.