Updates to the Mining3 Board

November 2019

Mining3 will be welcoming two new Board members and electing a deputy chair. These changes will come into effect for the New Year.

Brad Nielson, an Independent director on the Board agreed and was elected as Deputy Chair to the Board to support Theresa Mlikota until a new chairman is in place. Brad has been on the Mining3 Board for over four years and will provide with continuity through this temporary role.

The existing director from The University of Queensland, Prof Michael Bruenig, has stepped down. Prof Bruenig has broad experience with R&D in academia, industry, and government agencies and has worked in high tech areas in Europe, the USA, and Australia. Previously Bruenig has held roles at CSIRO and the Robert Bosch Corporation. With his recent appointment of Head of School for the School of Business, Michael has had to refocus his attentions.  Prof Neville Plint from the University of Queensland was nominate and elected by the Research participants to replace Michael on the board.

Prof Plint, Director of The Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) at the University of Queensland has been working closely with Mining3 over the past few years, specifically through the Cave Mining 2040 Initiative and continued support of our Sustainability through Technology pillar. Professor Plint has an extensive background focused on delivering improved operational performance on mining sites by developing and implementing new technologies, whilst establishing a global network of research professionals in academic institutes, mining companies and research organisations.,

Secondly, after eight years with a seat on the board Andrew Ransley is retiring from Caterpillar and the Mining3 board. For the coming year, Andrew will be replaced by fellow Caterpillar General Manager, Jim Callahan. Jim with his proximity to Mining3 has been continuously involved in project development, industry recommendations and roadmap generation. His extensive experience in mine management, with over two decades of work with Caterpillar underpins his ability to provide sound advice in Mining3 operations and strategy.

“Mining3 has been working side by side with both Jim and Neville over the past few years and look forward to welcoming them to the board” said Mining3 CEO, Prof Paul Lever.

Mining3 will be announcing a new Chairperson in 2020, for more information contact us.