World Mining Congress 2023: Key Takeaways

At the recent World Mining Congress 2023 (WMC23), Mining3, though a smaller company compared to global giants, made a significant impact by focusing on human-scale connections. We wanted to share a few insights from our experience as an event sponsor and exhibitor, showcasing our research, particularly promoting our hydrogen peroxide-based formulation project “Alternative Explosives”.


1. A Unified Message: From Poster to Presentation to Booth Discussions

Our strategy involved a unified message that caught attendees’ attention throughout the conference. Starting with a bold “Explosives” poster, we guided visitors to our booth and presentation. A concise and compelling presentation, supported by informative videos, piqued curiosity and sparked meaningful discussions. Thus, fulfilling our aim of getting as many expression of interest pamphlets into the hands of interested parties, leaving a lasting impression.

2. Tangible Research: Eye-catching Exhibits

At its core, Mining3 is an innovative research company. We displayed objects from real research activities at our booth from multiple projects, including broken metal witness plates, a fibre-optic system demonstration, autonomous sensor and remote borehole sensor displays. These objects visibly represent the essence of Mining3’s commitment to actualising our research projects, drawing immediate attention and initiating engaging conversations. Our approach captivated attendees, leading to numerous inquiries about our work.

3. Addressing Industry Pain Points

By understanding the challenges faced by the industry, we were able to offer answers directly linked to our projects on display. For example, we highlighted the phrase “fume-free” on our Alternative Explosives signage. Nitrogen dioxide post-blast fumes pose significant risks with ammonium nitrate-based explosives. Drawing attention to one of the major problems in bulk explosives and having an immediate and worthwhile solution, we effectively captured the interest of visitors seeking answers to industry pain points.

With these humble yet impactful tactics, as well as the world-stage that the WMC23 provided, the attention surrounding our research endeavours at Mining3 continues to grow.

Were you at the World Mining Congress? What were your key takeaways?


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