Acumine – Collision avoidance

Unified requirements for collision avoidance systems that enhance safety.


Collision avoidance between vehicles on mine sites

There are more than fifty collision avoidance technologies for surface mining applications in the market. None of these demonstrably closes the gap so that all risks are tolerable.

A unified approach was required for implementing mining collision avoidance systems that were based on the processes of risk identification and mitigation.


The Acumine Collision Avoidance Safety System (4CAST) provides the operator with complete situation awareness under all weather conditions.


AcuMine is a leading engineering research organisation that develops technologies to improve the safe operation of vehicles in hazardous environments such as mines.

Acumine’s emphasis is on the development of software solutions for complex contextual safety issues in the key areas of situation awareness, human interaction, system integrity and analysis.

The company holds a number of patents, designs and software algorithms that are available for licensing to interested parties; and can pioneer the development of new Vehicle Safety Management (VSM) technologies through project based partnering with organisations that access markets for resulting solutions.


Commercially available through Acumine


  • GlencoreXstrata and Anglo American
  • The University of Sydney
  • Researchers from the University’s Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR)