SmartCap – Fatigue monitoring

SmartCap is a fatigue monitoring tool for vehicle drivers and operators of heavy vehicles.


The dangers of driver fatigue are well documented. Available technologies were not predictive and reliant on lag indicators to generate alarms once a person had fallen asleep. There were also problems with the size of the machine, versatility and the number of false alarms.


The Life by SmartCap is a fatigue monitoring tool for vehicle drivers and operators of heavy vehicles. The Life App works hand in hand with the wearable EEG LifeBand to provide real-time fatigue level alerts anywhere, anytime via a Bluetooth wireless connection. The Life App provides the driver actionable visual and audible alerts via a user-friendly in-cab display allowing them to proactively manage their own alertness. The LifeBand can be easily integrated into any headwear (cap, hard hat, beanie or worn as a headband).

How it Works

The underlying measurement behind Life by SmartCap is brain activity. Often referred to as EEG (or electroencephalogram), brain activity has been the golden standard in sleep science for over 30 years. Life measures this activity and determines a high-resolution frequency profile of the signal which spans the delta, theta, alpha and beta frequency bands of EEG. All frequency information is analysed using SmartCap’s proprietary Universal Fatigue Algorithm to determine a level of alertness.


Commercially available through SmartCap.