Ore Pass Monitoring

Detecting Ore Pass Blockage using Fibre-optic Sensing


The operation of ore passes in mining presents significant safety risks and operational delays. Hang-ups caused by oversized and/or irregular shaped material can be difficult to precisely locate and pose dangers during clearing procedures. Also, water addition for hang-up removal can lead to water accumulation resulting in mud-rushes. Proper operating control is crucial to minimise ore pass hazards. 


A project is being proposed to develop and trial an effective method for detecting blockages (hang-ups) in ore passes and chutes. The approach involves using a fibre-optic cable grouted into a borehole parallel to an ore pass, which will be used to sense rock movement along the ore pass. 


  • Detect hang-ups early so that clearing operations can be carried out more safely and minimise operational delays
  • Provide a more accurate location of the hang-ups


An Expression of Interest is seeking co-investment in this research