Wireless charge electric LHD

Wireless electric energy transfer systems for underground mining equipment.


Traditionally electrically driven machines in mining operations have had significant constraints around their operation, by requiring trailing cables, or battery change out systems. There are distinct disadvantages with each of these approaches. Trailing cables are often damaged during operation and require vigilant maintenance. They are also range limited by their cable length.

Battery-based systems are limited by their relatively low energy density. Battery operated systems require regular battery interchange which reduces the machine’s productivity. The electric mine requires solutions that provide operational flexibility.


Mining3 developed an innovative modular energy transfer system that wirelessly charges the batteries of electrically enabled underground mining vehicles whilst in both static and dynamic operation. The approach eliminates the range limitations and maintenance issues associated with trailing cables and productivity losses due to the battery interchange. A wireless system has the potential to work continuously.


The benefits to the mining sector are enormous. The wireless electric charge technology requires no battery change-out, trailing cables or connector brushes. Machines can operate with all the flexibility of diesel powered machines, without generating pollutants underground, operating with much higher energy efficiency, and reliability.

The system is immune to dirt and water, and has the advantage of being electrically isolated, with significantly reduced weight in batteries compared with alternative approaches.