Argus shovel monitor

Improving shovel operator technique and performance with real-time feedback.


The real-time decisions every shovel operator makes have significant implications to the bottom line of a mine site. As autonomous haulage deployments become more commonplace, the variation in performance between machine operators on loading equipment will continue to significantly effect the success factor for the whole load-and-haul process.

Latest industry research shows us that by improving the performance of the lower quartile of operators, mine sites can significantly improve shovel production.



Greater shovel reliability and productivity by improving operator technique and performance

With real-time feedback, in-seat coaching and performance benchmarking, Argus gives shovel operators the highest level of support and guidance across productivity, reliability, mine plan compliance, and truck loading.

This unrivalled system measures and reports on key performance indicators critical to optimum shovel/truck operations to:

  • Improve shovel output and productivity
  • Reduce wear, unplanned maintenance downtime and cost
  • Achieve greater mine plan compliance
  • Reduce truck overloads and under-loads

How it Works

Argus calculates key shovel performance metrics and uses these to provide relevant, real-time feedback to your operators in a clear, simple format. This supports operators on board your shovels to make fast, confident and correct decisions on a range of production, maintenance, mine planning and truck loading issues.

  • Harnesses the latest in high precision GPS, payload and monitoring technology
  • Uses strain gauges, inertial sensors, pressure sensors and HPGPS to determine in real-time the payload and location of the bucket
  • It then tags these loads to the specific trucks using a radio frequency identification tag This provides the operators with accurate, real-time in-truck payload feedback throughout the loading process
  • Captures and analyses comprehensive data with greater accuracy and reliability under all operating conditions
  • Improves knowledge and understanding of shovel and operator performance with a focus on enhancing safety
  • Provides detailed calculations of time usage and utilisation analysis – including wait on truck times while using as little operator input as possible


Commercially available through Mining3’s spinoff company, MineWare