Shovel Load Assist Program (SLAP)

Automation of large mining shovels to help operators load more efficiently and safely.


Semi-automation technologies that improve the performance of mining excavators and allow all operators to perform at a consistent level.



The Shovel Load Assist Project (SLAP) has developed operator assistance technologies that help operators of electric mining shovels to load trucks more efficiently and safely. SLAP has developed three technologies:

  • TruckShield: A layer-of-protection that prevents metal-on-metal collisions between the shovel and truck that might injure truck drivers or damage the truck or shovel.
  • DozerShield: prevents collisions between the shovel, and the shovel dipper, and clean up equipment operating around the shovel.
  • AutoLoad: A semi-automation swing technology that automates the swing, dump and return phases of the shovel loading cycle.

How it works

The benefits of SLAP technology span shovel safety, availability, productivity and maintenance through faster shovel cycle times, lower machine duty, improved material distribution in trucks, fewer impacts between truck and shovel and lower operator workload.


Ezymine is the Mining3 spin-off company that owns and earns royalties from the IP of the SLAP project, and is marketed through joint venture partner (and Mining3 member) JoyGlobal.